GameSpite | Issue Six | The sixth issue of GameSpite means, uhh, we've been doing this for nearly half a year now. Let us hope this is not time wasted. Judge for yourself by reading the following glorious contributions:

Week One | April 7

Sympathy for the Combine
Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed mHKSSSHKSHSS
Citizen of interest, please surrender immediately to the nearest Civil Patrol unit or by clicking this image link.

The Secret of Monkey Island
In last month's sense-defyingly sensational ish, Magnificent Bob Mackey duked it out with his nemesis to determine the true champion of adventure game justice! His Maniac Mansion megablast was countered by a powerful Space Quest judo chop. Things look bad for our hero! Will insult swordfighting bring him an impossible victory, or merely shame? Read on, true believers!

Week Two | April 14

Contra Hard Corps
Kishi takes us into a world of madness. A world of Contra... on a system that wasn't Nintendo's. A world where robots fought alien incursions, and not because it was a censored humanoid modified to avoid offending delicate European sensibilities. A world with intricate, spinny explosions. A world called Contra Hard Corps.

The theme of this week's update is frickin' action, man. And the bridge between the two bookend articles is this piece on Cybernator -- somewhere between footsoldiers blowing up everything in sight and a jumping tank blowing up everything in sight is a tank in the shape of a man blowing up everything in sight. See? Harmonious unity.

Metroidvania Chronicles: Blaster Master
It's been nearly a year and a half since I penned the last entry in the Metroidvania Chronicles. And pilgrim, that's too long. I think I've finally recovered from my Portrait of Ruin burnout, so let us delve once again into this sometimes-exciting sub-genre. Niche obsessions, ho!

Week Three | April 21

Golden Axe Warrior
Here we have the "clone" mentioned above -- I've never actually played Golden Axe Warrior, but I'm happy to know that Sega released interesting (if admittedly derivative) Master System games after the Genesis became thoroughly entrenched; those late NES games like Kirby's Adventure need be lonely no longer.

And here we have the "punching." Heck, it's in the title. I'm not a fan of boxing and this game has never really done much for me. Still and nevertheless, I can't help but respect a family-friendly game that nakedly announces its emphasis on pure, visceral violence right in the title.

Week Four | April 28

The Laputa Effect: Part 1
Thank goodness for contributors; this is an article I've been intending to write for five years, since I first watched Castle in the Sky and realized with a start what a tremendous debt gaming owes to Hayao Miyazaki. And now, alexb has written it for me. What a champ.

Super Robot Taisen Original Generation
And because we just don't give Atlus enough love in these here parts, MNicolai has picked up the slack to lavish affection on one of the company's lesser-known releases. It's almost a review! But not quite. And that is its charm.

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