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Roundup by VsRobot | Posted November 26, 2007

Pick of the week

Bender's Big Score
Futurama was a brilliant series sadly canceled while still in the prime of its creative output. Like most good shows on Fox. Luckily for us, its popularity in syndication and on DVD convinced some bean-counter somewhere that there was still money to be squeezed from this cash cow, so now loyal fans are rewarded with a series of direct-to-video movies that will be eventually recut and aired as "new episodes". Watch the new Futurama the way it's intended to be seen: as long-form films, thus keeping the S.S. Profitability afloat and ensuring future Futuramas. And be thankful that sometimes the good guys catch a break.

Also out this week

Hot Rod
I haven't been too impressed with the recent film output of Will Ferrel. Blades of Glory and Talledega Nights both failed to capture whatever it was that made Old School and Anchorman so good. However, I'm willing to give Will Ferrel the benefit of the doubt in his newest film, Hot Rod, where he plays...

Wait, what? He's not in this one?

Okay, looks like Andy Samberg, known primarily for viral videos such as Lazy Sunday, is playing Will Ferrel in this one, kind of like how Allen Covert played the Adam Sandler role in Grandma's Boy. While that film is the cinematic equivalent of being teabagged by a drunken frat-boy, the word on the street is that this one is at least passably entertaining.

I Know Who Killed Me
As much as we might all resent the Us Weekly/ gossipification of our culture, you have to admit that Lindsay Lohan's downward spiral is a hell of a lot more interesting than her film output.

Mr. Bean
Attention America: You have my permission to punch the next Anglophile you meet.

Hot Fuzz
If you were sitting around thinking, "Man, I wish I could repurchase some stuff I've already bought this week." you're in luck! This nonsense is why the column is called "Add to Queue" and not "Add to Shopping Cart". As far as Hot Fuzz goes, we all know that it's fantastic. It even makes me reconsider my "punching Anglophiles" stance. No, no, never mind. I still want to punch them.

Drunken Angel
The first pairing of actor Toshiro Mifune with director Akira Kurosawa, Drunken Angel is about a yakuza with cancer and a doctor with an alcohol addiction. Widely considered the first of Kurosawa's auteur films, the simple fact that it's a Kurosawa film being presented on DVD by Criterion should give you all the information you need to make a decision on this one.

High-Def Alert: The World of Blu-Ray and HD DVD

A surprisingly light week, especially considering the holiday season has arrived. I guess everyone stopped caring now that Black Friday is but a memory.

HD DVD owners can see Will Ferrel's bare ass in high definition as well as see that Will Ferrel movie that doesn't even have him in it. Blu-ray owners should be smarter than to invest in a Lindsay Lohan movie. Instead, watch a trippy anime that Mightyblue recommends in his Anime Release Column. As he knows a lot more about anime than I do, I'm going to defer to his opinion on this one.

Pain Doesn't Lie: Horror on DVD

Another release of one of the most spoiled movies of all time highlights the horror releases this week. I knew the ending of Soylent Green before I even knew who was in it or what it was about.

Feedback is the belt which keeps the pants of Add To Queue from falling down around its ankles. They'll all bony and stuff, so this is a good thing. What dead television show would you like to see revived as a DTV series? I choose Buffy, tell us your choices on the forum!

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