Media | Anime Releases | October 16, 2007: Not a great week, but not a horrible week either. Prepared with the help of The Digital Bits and cover art courtesy of Amazon.

Roundup by Mightyblue | Posted 10/18/07

Pick of the week

Suzuka: Volume 4
Okay, I must be insane. Or maybe not, considering this week doesnít really have much in the way of stellar titles. I kinda fought myself between this and Zipang, and Suzuka won. At any rate itís a cut above the average as far as romance shows go, since things actually change and progress character and plot wise, rather than remaining largely static until the end. Itís not a harem either, so those of you who object to hordes of moe objects should be fine too. Itís not something a single guy would probably want to watch on their own, but this is a pretty good show if youíve got a ladyfriend whoís into romances.

The Other Stuff

Hellsing Ultimate Vol. 3
Itís the remake to the cult hit of the same name, sans the Ultimate. Lots of vamps, gunkata, blood, and gore. Mature themage abounds for obvious reasons, and itís more of a horror show than an action one, at least to me. Fans of the first series will want to check it out, as would horror buffs, but the original series isn't required as this is a remake that is supposed to be truer to the source manga.

The Story of Saiunkoku Vol. 2
Oooh, I'm an idiot! Sigh. This is what happens when I rely on second hand information from unreliable sources. I've been corrected that this is a period political drama, and that there's not much romancing involved, even if it takes place in a kingdom. That said, it still gets my previous recommendation since despite what it's about, I still hear that it's a pretty good series anyway. Hit it, yo!

Zipang, Vol. 7: Return to the Future
The other serious candidate for this weekís pick was Zipang; an alternate history (think Harry Turtledove) show where a detachment of ships from modern Japanís Naval SDF gets transported back into the midst of WWII. Itís more for military history and WWII buffs, but any fan of action shows should get their fill and then some. Hit it.

Innocent Venus: Vol. 2
By now Iíve gotten kinda used to doing a couple nice entries, and then ripping a really crappy one a new hole, but this week is sorta paradoxical in that there arenít any really good or crappy releases this week. So now I have to settle for second worst, so to speak. Innocent Venus isnít a terrible show, but itís not particularly great either. It is basically a poor manís 1984, set in an authoritarian future Japan where the rich live in nice cities and the rest get a hearty ďscrew you.Ē It also manages to tack on robots, genetic experimentation, and strange girls with the power to save the world. A borderline rental.

Anime Boxsets and Other Things of a Swaggy Nature

More box sets this week, with a few of the regular brand and a few swag/ĒlimitedĒ editions. Regular box sets this week are: Blue Seed: The Magatama Collection, Initial D: Second Stage Ė The Complete Second Season, and Gankutsuou (a.k.a. The Count of Monte Cristo): Complete Collection. There are swag editions for: Hellsing Ultimate Vol. 3, Innocent Venus Vol. 2, and Glass Fleet Vol. 1. As always the swag editions are completely unnecessary, although Hellsing Ultimate comes in a limited edition form with an extra disc of extras. Recommendations from the box sets would be Blue Seed and Gankutsuou.

The Other "Other" Stuff

  • 009-1, Vol. 3 (hit)
  • Gakuen Heaven, Vol. 4: A Traitor Revealed (skip)
  • Glass Fleet, Vol. 1 [uncut] (rental)
  • Full Metal Alchemist Vol. 1: The Curse [reprint] (hit)
  • Full Metal Alchemist Vol. 2 [reprint] (hit)

A short, middle of the road week. Not much to say, other than to offer a sense of bemused curiosity at Funiís reprinting of FMA, despite having released the first season collection last month. Also, fans of old-school might want to check out the live-action Casshern movie that's coming out this week. Discuss it on the Forums!