Donkey Kong Jr. Math

Developer: Nintendo
U.S. Publisher: Nintendo
Original U.S. Release: October 18, 1985
Virtual Console Release: September 3, 2007
Genre: Edutainment

Based on: Donkey Kong Jr., summer school, the sad myth of edutainment.

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Article by M.Nicolai | September 3, 2007

Reasons why somebody would want Donkey Kong Jr. Math:

1.) You love Donkey Kong Jr. almost as much as you love math.

Avoid! Not only does this game take the fun out of Donkey Kong Jr., it takes the fun out of math. And math was never much fun in the first place. Neither was DK Jr., if you want to be honest. This is how it breaks down: The stages are laid out like Donkey Kong Jr. but with numbers instead of fruit. You and a friend race to add, subtract, multiply, or divide to get to the number Donkey Kong holds up. Unless your friends are smart and refuse to play with you, then the second player does nothing. Single player mode is just two player mode with one player. And the numbers are arranged in a haphazard fashion. I'm OK at math, and I had difficulty with some of the five digit puzzles because I had to wrestle with the controls to get to the numbers I wanted.

2.) You frequently check your Wii dashboard, and would like something that could double as a calculator.

Nope. Donkey Kong Jr. Math doesn't even have a calculator.

3.) I do not love my children very much and I want them to be good at math so that when they turn 18 they can get a good job and leave the house.

You might be in luck. Donkey Kong Jr. Math does have an "exercise" mode, which is almost exactly like math homework. And getting this game instead of a quality PC math program will send a clear signal that there are no free rides in this house, mister!

4.) You have to review it.

::respect knuckles::