Games | Weekly Game Releases | Week of Aug. 14, 2007: Welcome to the first-ever edition of Coming Soon. Looking ahead at the week of August 14th, 2007, we see plenty of RPG and strategery in the forecast, with a slight chance for pigskin in the Midwest.

Game of the week | Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

After being pushed back a few weeks because of an error in manufacturing the bonus art book, Persona 3 is finally getting released. Go to school, talk to girls, take tests, fight demons in a mysterious tower that only appears at night. Sounds like just another day in high school. And whatever you do, people, don't wait for the FES append edition that may or may not show up stateside. Buy this game now. Hell, even EGM gave it game of the month -- and we all know they they're a bunch of biased 360 whores trapped deep in Microsoft's pockets amirite!?

Also appearing in stores

Madden NFL '08


If you are, you can get it this week for current and recent consoles, handhelds, personal computers, toasters, kittens, wind-up watches and etched into grains of rice. Features missing from the last couple “next-gen” editions of the game are supposed to return. And of course there are the requisite game play tweaks, updated rosters and the like. But really, if you’re going to buy Madden ’08, you’ve probably already got your preorder slip.

Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon with monsters. No, seriously. As an amnesiac, you wake up in a mysterious village and are given a plot of land to grow veggies upon. Monsters start appearing in the outskirts of the village and the surrounding caves, so you take up your sword and slay (or tame) them. Everything you'd expect from a Harvest Moon game is in here — farming vegetables, raising animals, finding love. It's such a crazy idea that it just might work.

Luminous Arc

A tactical RPG with "meh" written all over it. Features:

  • Cliched storyline -- the big twist is that organized religion is up to no good, truly a novelty in this genre!
  • Mediocre battles -- and no real character-building to speak of.
  • Shoddy touch-screen controls -- you're better off using the D-pad.
  • But hey, it's got wi-fi, so at least you can be bored with friends.

Heroes of Mana

Can Square Enix strike gold with a Mana game again? Silver, maybe? Bronze? Pewter? Each Mana game seems less like the last, and this one’s going the real-time strategy route, which the DS can handle via the stylus and touch screen (Lost Magic was flawed, but proved the concept). Story-wise it relates directly to the events of Seiken Densetsu 3, but that game never came out here. Heroes of Mana doesn’t seem to have the glitter of gold, but at least Squenix is chipping at a different rock this time.

Operation Vietnam

The Vietnam War is still recent enough that games based on it seem horribly tacky at best (and let’s not start on Gulf War and Gulf War II titles). This overhead squad-based action game seems emblematic of Majesco shifting its priorities toward relatively inexpensive handheld games. This is to say: The game’s cheap, and there doesn’t seem to be much else notable about it.

Dungeons & Dragons Tactics

Turn-based tactics on a grid is not really the PSP’s strong suit, largely because every attempt so far at the genre on Sony’s little machine has suf ……… fered fr ……………….. om jarring loading pauses. Without powers of prescience it’s tough to say if D&DT will have the same problem, but it’ll probably be at least as good as The Lord of the Rings: Tactics.

Weekly WTF? | MetropolisMania 2

Apparently the five people who bought the first MetropolisMania game warranted a sequel. Make your city, attract people there and talk to them to make them happy. With over 100 buildings to make, there will be lots of exploring for you to do, you tiny handful of niche-dwellers, you.

Have fun out there this week, guys and gals. Just watch out for thieves.

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List compiled by reibeatall and Sarcasmorator | Posted August 13, 2007