Games | Weekly Game Releases | Week of November 27th, 2007: The past two weeks have been filled with absolutely incredible titles, this week isn't so lucky. Instead, we get ports and budget titles. Word or warning: The rest of the year is crap, too.

List compiled by reibeatall and Sarcasmorator | Posted November 26th, 2007

Game of the week | N/A

Nothing. At all. The only title that I would actually recommend this week has quite literally been released on every other console on the market. If you haven't played it by now, there's really no hope for you. Take this time to enjoy what's come the past few months.

Appearing in stores

Game Party
A (surprise surprise) budget title from Midway containing 7 "fun" games: Darts, Table Hockey, Shuffle Board, Hoop Shoot, Ski Ball, Ping Cup, Trivia. All these games sound like fun... just maybe not on the Wii, is all.

Cranium: Kabookii
Everybody loves family night. Cranium loves family night. Transitively, then, everybody loves Cranium. For the uninitiated, Cranium is a cool board game that basically combines different games; Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, and something involving modeling clay. I'm not exactly sure what a Kabookii is, but according to the description, "Cranium Kabookii changes the television screen into a living canvas." So it's... Mario Paint?

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords
Bejeweled meets a role-playing game. Blah blah blah, you've heard hardcore gamers gushing their surprise that (gasp) a casual-friendly game can be so addictive for the past year or so. It's on Xbox Live Arcade for $15, it's on DS and PSP for $20, it's on PS2 for $20. Just play it already. If you've already played it, do it again.

Geometry Wars: Galaxies
Galaxies is to the original Geometry Wars as Super Mario Bros. was to Mario Bro--

Wait, didn't this just come out last week for the Wii? I have no idea how the control would work on the DS. I'm interested in seeing how a dual stick shooter gets ported to something with no sticks. Beyond the novelty factor, though, we're guessing this one probably works better on console.

Boogie: released for the Wii a few months ago. It flopped. Then it was released for the PS2. It flopped again. Now we get to watch EA's new would-be juggernaut flop on the DS, too.

I never thought I'd say this, but maybe EA should just stick to what they're good at: rehashing sports games year after year. They're not so good at this "creativity" thing.

As one of the only people on the planet to actually like the original Cruis'n series for the Arcade and the Nintendo 64, this game intrigues me. Danger sign: even though it's a brand-new game in the series, it looks like an N64 game. Seriously, it's the assiest-looking Wii game yet. At least they're not charging a full fifty dollars for it. But it's not an $8 Virtual Console download, either, so....

That's it, guys. Like I said, play your older games. Or, an even better suggestion, check out Add to Queue and get your feet wet in more passive media.
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