In honor of Photography Day, here’s a photo of a photo

I meant to post this last night but ended up working on my Metroid Prime: Federation Force review until nearly midnight, so… didn’t happen. But yesterday I received a preliminary pressing of Good Nintentions 1985, and it’s lovely. When I say “preliminary” I mean it — the actual Famicom/NES retrospective still needs to be written, it’s missing a few photos and screenshots, most of the sidebars and supplements remain incomplete, and every game entry needs to be comprehensively revised.

The point of this printing was simply to test out the quality of the photos and screenshots I’ve put together for the book. I took all screenshots from my Good Nintentions video source captures, and I wasn’t sure how they’re reproduce. I was also concerned about the decorative off-screen CRT photos I included in a single spread for each game. Everything looks OK in InDesign, but you never know for sure until you see it all in the flesh. If things aren’t working out, better to determine that now than to experience a nasty surprise once everything’s written and placed.

2016-08-18 18.07.30

Happily, everything has turned out very well. I keep thumbing through the book just to savor how nicely it’s coming together. Now I just need to find time to actually get this thing locked down.

We’ll have guests again for the fourth consecutive time this weekend, so I won’t be able to get much done on something that is, obviously, strictly a weekend project for me, but my hope is to have everything wrapped up next weekend and up for sale by the end of September.

Actually, maybe I’ll put it live Sept. 30, since no one will be buying Final Fantasy XV that day.

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