I’ve had all I can take, and I can’t take no more

Friends, I have made a grim discovery: There is such a thing as too many puzzle games.


I’ll give Ishidō a little in-depth exploration whenever I start cataloging the Lynx library, but for now… man, am I just plain ol’ exhausted by puzzlers at the moment. I remember when I used to relish puzzle games that came across my desk! How young and naïve we were in those days. Ah, the folly of innocence.

Fun fact: There are now 73 episodes of Game Boy World, and there were almost exactly 73 official Lynx releases. If I’d focused on Lynx first, I’d have the entire catalog under my belt! But that would also mean I’d still have yet to suffer through Ninja Boy, so I think I made the right choice here.

2 thoughts on “I’ve had all I can take, and I can’t take no more

  1. Hi Jeremy.

    About a week ago I sent a question to the Retronauts Kickstarter account.
    When you have time please take a look at this.
    The Kickstarter pages says that no one has logged into Retronauts account since July 18th so it’s understandable that you might not have seen my question.


    • Bob manages the KS stuff, but I’ll be sure he sees it. He was going to post a bunch of DVD videos and book PDFs for backers a couple of weeks ago, so he’ll probably respond when he has time to log in and take care of that.

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