Game Boy World in: Portable Document Format

I just remembered that after publishing Game Boy World 1990 Vol. 1 on Amazon, I never bothered to upload the PDF version to Gumroad. So, ah, here it is. You may notice the page count of the PDF appears about half of what’s listed at Amazon; as with the PDF of Game Boy World 1989 XL, I put this digital edition together as 2-up spreads, because the book looks much better that way. Hopefully this will not cause any troubles.

As usual, the addition of the latest volume to my Gumroad shop means I’ve knocked the price down on some older books as well. Please to enjoy these digital editions.

4 thoughts on “Game Boy World in: Portable Document Format

  1. I actually wanted to mention this on Patreon before, but I forgot. Personally I would really appreciate it if you didn’t format the PDF as spreads like this. It is generally trivial to configure PDF readers to show two pages side-by-side, but cutting them up is not really possible. And if you want to read the PDF on a tablet then a two-page spread will be too small to read (at least unless the tablet is very big), so you will have to zoom in awkwardly. So I think it would be better to leave the decision of having it 1- or 2-up to the readers.

    Sorry to rain on your parade like that, but it definitely would make the reading experience better, at least for me :)

  2. Hi, I replied to your last post about the Kickstarter DVD. I received a prompt reply back but was unable to respond as the comments section closed for some reason. I apologize in advance for posting this in the wrong place but this is the easiest way to contact you. I fully understand if you don’t approve this comment to be publicly viewed but I hope you read it. It actually compliments you :)

    In response to “OK. I’m garbage.”

    You don’t have to put yourself down like that. In my previous post I meant to but forgot to commend you for doing a great job for responding to everyone who asked about backer rewards on the Retronauts blog comments section.
    However, I don’t think that abandoning the Kickstarter page’s comment section, the most forward facing page and easiest means of communication for backers, reflects poorly on Retronauts. I feel if you were more proactive in the Kickstarter comments and doing updates you would have a lot less comments on the blog.

    I’m not quite what kind of reply I was expecting from you to my last comment but the one I got is pretty disappointing. I do hope you take my, what I feel is well reasoned criticism to heart and do a better job going forward.
    And give that guy a refund. He backed at a $250 tier and has gotten nothing? And he was only offered half his money back but some other backers get all their money back? shaking my head

    • No one who backed Retronauts should have gotten “nothing” — we’ve long since sent out all the lower-tier goods to all backers who have provided us with their shipping info, which is almost all of them. We’ve been communicating with the guy you’re referring to over the past week or so, and from what we can tell the reason he has gotten “nothing” is because he never responded to the queries we’ve sent out on several occasions. He also failed to respond to a direct email from me more than a year ago updating him on the progress of his artwork once it was completed by the artist. On top of THAT, he claims we never produced a Kickstarter backer thank-you podcast episode, which in fact we did long ago. While we’re definitely behind schedule on the more complicated item tiers, this one’s not entirely on us.

      If my previous response disappointed you, imagine my disappointment to wake up to a lengthy post from someone who did just enough Internet detective work to lob a lot of stern accusations but didn’t wait for the other side of the story before posting chiding remarks in public.

      • Thank you for the reply. You’re right it was a mistake to take one persons short comment as gospel without hearing the other side of the story.
        I still stand behind my earlier statement that I feel you’ve done a poor job of communicating with a large number of backers (nearly 300 for the DVD) as based on the Kickstarter comments and the lack of response to them, the entire year between updates on the Kickstarter page, my internet detective work (lol), and my own personal experience.
        Even though all promises of hard deadlines and estimated completion times have seemed to have been nothing more than lip service, I look forward to future updates and hope the DVD turns out well. Good luck.

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