It’s that time again

Time for me to remember this blog exists just long enough to post the week’s video.

This isn’t just a treatise on Hogan’s Alley, though. Because there is so little to say about this game. Instead, this episode mostly focuses on how the Nintendo Zapper worked, why it doesn’t work on HDTVs (or at least, one of the reasons), and finally how I’m recording high-definition video of Zapper games despite its incompatibility with high-definition televisions. The latter isn’t the sort of thing I would normally focus on, but I’ve had a surprising number of request for more info on how my setup works… so, this is for you.

Honestly, running my setup through a CRT is kind of a pain. I’m thinking about banking footage of all 20-odd NES Zapper (and R.O.B.) games, then sending in my Analogue NT to be fitted with the HDMI mod so I don’t have to fuss with so many cables. Though I do love playing Famicom Disk System games on a CRT… not sure if I can give that up.

Also on the old games front: The 3DS Virtual Console list and recommendations feature (buy, play, avoid) I began last week is now complete! Well, mostly complete. I’m going to tart it up with fancier graphics at some point….