How I met your Mumm-Ra

I’m sorry, this post title is a lie. It has nothing to do with a Thundercats romcom spinoff, much to my regret.


Nah, this is just me writing down some stuff I’ve been working on lately. For one, I keep picking up interesting album releases on vinyl and writing about them — most recently the soundtrack to Supergiant’s Transistor. I really dug that game and keep thinking I should replay it sometime, and listening to the soundtrack again definitely reinforced that feeling. But first, to finish up the bazillion reviews I’m working on; hopefully I’ll have Nights of Azure wrapped tomorrow. I’m torn on Nights, because it’s very much the kind of game very few developers make in these dark post-PS2 days, but unfortunately the only way games like this get to be made is by cramming in lots of jiggly girls wearing revealing costumes and wallowing in ham-handed sapphic overtones. Not that there’s anything wrong with sapphic overtones! But this is one of those games whose script was constructed entirely from boilerplate anime clichés, so it comes off as pandering to teen boys versus, you know, a meaningful exploration of human relationships or whatever. Still pretty fun, though.

I’ve also finally just bitten the bullet after nearly 10 years of farting around with inconsistent Virtual Console write-ups and roundups to simply create a single resource — well, a dual resource, I guess, since I’ll tackle Wii U releases after I’m done with 3DS. I’m about halfway through the 3DS list, and after this I’ll be maintaining the list on a weekly basis (assuming Nintendo publishes anything on VC in a given week, that is).

And of course, outside of USgamer, there’s this:

Yeah, another video game retrospective video. Whaddya expect?

One thought on “How I met your Mumm-Ra

  1. Fantastic; it’s a great resource.

    I’d hoped to see Earthbound available on 3DS, so that’s great. I’d also hoped to be able to play it on my 2DS; it’s less great to hear that I can’t, but I can’t say it’s unexpected.

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