Bookin’ it

I’ve been plucking away at the next Game Boy. World book for the past couple of weeks and finally have the general structure of the thing set — that is, nearly all photos placed, and space allocated for text based on how long I think the text will end up being for each entry. (Unlike in the first book, this volume’s text will largely be based on the video scripts; 1990’s video scripts were much stronger and more in-depth than most of the 1989 scripts, so they can easily be adapted into print form.)

It’s going to be a beautiful book, I think. And big, too! Currently it’s clocking in at 220 pages, which makes it about twice the length of Game Boy World 1989.


That said, uh… any chance someone out there could hook me up with a high-resolution scan (300dpi or better) of the back of Gargoyle Quest‘s box? My copy is not exactly archival quality, as you can see here. I would be deeply and humbly grateful. All set!

5 thoughts on “Bookin’ it

  1. I can have a look when I get home if you like – I’m pretty sure my boxed copy is in nice order, but I’m unsure if there will be markings that make it distinct from the US box (mine’s a PAL/Australian copy).

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