Lightening force

As in “lightening the load.” What did you think I meant!?

Despite feeling pretty severely under the weather today, I have had a wonderfully productive weekend. I finally decided to go ahead and cull most of my DS collection after musing about it aloud a few weeks ago… I’m keeping maybe 1/3 of the games I bought for the system, the stuff I really love and know I’ll play. Everything else — the games I’ve owned for a decade with the intent to play but have never gotten around to (and, at this point, clearly never will) —I’ve listed for sale on eBay, which took quite a while to complete. But clearing an entire box worth of video games will be nice: It’ll be one less thing cluttering the office, and hopefully I’ll bring in enough money that I can buy the bookshelves we need for the office in order to finish organizing it, thus making that space even less cluttered. Two birds with 75 auction listings… not precisely efficient, but effective all the same. I hope. Anyway, if you’re interested in some very nicely kept, complete, and definitely not bootlegged DS games, you can check it out. I doubt most of them will sell for much.

pipe dream set

That’s not all I’ve managed to accomplish, though. I also took photos for all 46 games to be featured in Game Boy World 1990 Vol. 1and I worked through the entire set and edited the images for print. Including perspective correction, which I didn’t do in GBW 1989. It just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t create a ton of extra work for myself.

I still need to work through the images and crop and convert them to JPEG for the web, which will take a while — we’re talking at least seven images apiece for nearly 50 games here. But I should have it done within a week or so, and finally all the 1990 articles to date at Game Boy World will have a packaging photo gallery. Now I just have to write essays about all 46 games! I may cheat and ransack the video scripts… you wouldn’t think less of me, would you?

11 thoughts on “Lightening force

  1. This is really silly and frankly childish, but is there any way you could autograph a box for a winning bidder?

    • I guess so…? I feel weird signing something I didn’t have a hand in creating tho

  2. I’m keeping an eye on some of these auctions, lord knows I don’t need anything else for my 3/DS collection, but you have a nice spread. (BTW it is a shame you’re selling Ghost Trick. An excellent gem on the DS, one of my favorites!) Very excited for the upcoming book, 1989 was an excellent work so I have a feeling this one will be just as brilliant!

  3. I just bought contra 4 on eBay yesterday and was nervously scrolling through your auctions to see if you were selling it. I would have been distraught not being able to buy yours!

    Regardless I will be bidding on some of these!

  4. It’s a shame you never got around to Hotel Dusk and The Last Window; they’re my favourite visual novels. And judging by the amount of VNs in your eBay list, I’m guessing it’s not a genre you naturally gravitate towards when you have spare time.

    I sometimes find the idea of VNs more appealing than actually playing them. Hotel Dusk (and Cing’s games in general) really speak to me, and I definitely went through a Phoenix Wright-loving phase, as they were the only games my girlfriend and I would play together. I’m starting to realise I much prefer the Famicom Tantei Club, Jake Hunter-style games as opposed to the heavily anime-inspired titles like Danganronpa, which have a habit of hammering home a point over and over again with repetitive dialogue, double-checking you haven’t forgot something the game told you two minutes ago.

    • I played through Trace Memory and Hotel Dusk on debugs for review. But no, the genre really isn’t my thing… I don’t have a lot of time to read these days, and what I do read is almost entirely non-fiction.

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