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Hey, if you have an hour to kill, why not read the series I put together as this week’s USgamer cover story? It covers the plucky little music label Brave Wave, which exists to bring new and old video game music to good boys and girls the world over. It’s a three-part piece:

The main story offers a pretty broad-ranging profile of the label and its founders’ ambitions.

I also spent an hour interviewing composer Keiji Yamagishi, which was great. This interview features a preview of a track from his upcoming album, as well as an arranged version of a chiptune demake of “Memories of T” that’ll be produced in a Famicom cart. You’d better believe I’m going to fight people to get my hands on that version.

And finally, I also had the opportunity to talk to Manami Matsumae. That was also rad. I spent a lot of time soaking up both creators’ music back when I was a kid, and I loved having the chance to interview them all these years later.

Anyway, this series has been in the works for ages and ages, and I’m happy with how well it turned out. You should read it, because you like reading good things about good music.

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    • Yes. I honestly don’t understand how Red Bull of all damn things has managed to make the greatest video game music video series of all time. It’s completely bewildering.

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