Publishing vs. senility

Man, I totally forgot to promote the videos I put together last week here. Not that this site gets all that much traffic anymore, and most people discover things through Twitter now. But you know. Archiving and all that.

Here is a Game Boy RPG that no one ever talks about! It’s one of about half a dozen first-person dungeon crawlers ever released for the system. And despite this minor notability, it’s pretty much unheard of on the English-speaking web. Hopefully some cool people will fan-translate it and it will get its due. I mean, this isn’t some masterpiece, but it’s the world’s first-ever handheld first-person RPG! Come on! It’s a landmark.

After, ummm, way too long without an update, I posted a new episode in the best-of SNES year-by-year countdown video series. Expect these to begin showing up much more regularly, and for a much wider array of platforms.

3 thoughts on “Publishing vs. senility

  1. When I watched that SNES vid I thought for sure there were more notable ’93 games than that.

    Turns out… not so much.

  2. Have you had any thoughts on tackling the Saturn as part of your Best Games of [Year X]? I realise it was a distant third place behind the N64 and PSone, but I’ll always have a soft spot for it because it introduced me to the Japanese import scene in a big way.

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