Help Game Boy World by buying Game Boy games

So. I sat down this morning to shoot my next wave of Game Boy and NES packaging photos in preparation for getting images on the site and in a new book, only to find my camera wouldn’t take pictures. I was complete baffled until I discovered the lens is bent out of shape. Evidently TSA roughed it up a bit, despite my having packed it with excruciating care. They didn’t break the bottle of locally distilled gin I had packed into the same luggage, but somehow they managed to ruin my camera.

The gin would have been messier, but much less expensive to replace. Actually, the gin probably would have ruined the camera, too. I guess what I’m saying is there was no positive outcome for this scenario.

Anyway, long story short, I have to buy a new lens. They’re pricey! And this month was already pretty much a matter of running on bank account fumes due to some other unexpected crises that have arisen in the past couple of weeks. 2016 is not off to a good start. Anyway, I’ve listed a ton of import Game Boy World 1989 titles (all complete) on eBay, so please be kind and consider bidding on some of them.

5 thoughts on “Help Game Boy World by buying Game Boy games

  1. Have you considered a mini-fundraiser (Indiegogo or whatever) for a lens? Depending on the price, that might go more quickly and be less hassle for you than shipping a bunch of games. Frank Cifaldi did something like that recently for a device to digitize VHS videos, and it went pretty quickly…

    • Yeah, I’d definitely kick in some money so you can get a new lens. I mean, I placed a bid on some of the items, but I think doing a quick and direct crowd funding campaign for something like this is a great idea.

      • Ok, but I already have a Patreon to cover this sort of thing. It’s just been a really difficult month, so I don’t have the cash I need for a replacement on hand.

  2. Bookmarked a couple of them, thank god I am probably the only person (next to you Jeremy), that would be crazy enough buy some of these games! Shame to hear about the camera, on top of bidding on the games, I’ll finally chip in $5 on Patreon, your work for the Gameboy, NES, and everything in between is unbelievably impressive. Keep on trucking, at the very least…there’s one nut out there that appreciates your work :P

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