Now that the holidays are but a tearful memory, I should mention I spent many hours of my holiday making videos for your ostensible entertainment. First: Venture

—an interesting and mostly forgotten predecessor to The Legend of Zelda. I only know about it because I always wanted Venture for the ColecoVision we had when I was a kid, but it never worked out. So the game kind of stuck in my craw.

And also, another Retronauts Micro video:

Parasite Eve, which—upon being replayed by yours truly in 2015—came off even better than it did in 1998. This sort of ambitious genre hybrid has become far more common today than it was back then.

Anyway, that’s some stuff you can watch next time you’re incredibly bored.

One thought on “Videodrone

  1. I also always had a desire to own Venture but never ended up getting it due to lack of funds as a kid and keeping it low priority on the wishlists for the few holidays that netted me new games. I finally got a chance to play the arcade version at California Extreme a year ago and the controls were terrible. I think the original joystick really made the experience worse than it needed to be. Playing it on MAME was much more fulfilling. Nice video!

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