Alright, last time, I swear

…well, last time until the next time it becomes worth mentioning. My promise isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, which is especially sad since this is all digital media anyway.

The Good Nintentions book is now available in two digital formats: A PDF at Gumroad, and on the Amazon Kindle store. The price ended up being a little higher than I had wanted because despite its promises about fabulous wealth and fat author cuts, Amazon makes it really difficult to earn a royalty on a large, image-intensive book… sorry about that. The good news is that the Kindle edition has the same deal going as Game Boy World 1989—if you own the printed book, you can grab it on Kindle for free.

So. Now I’m done with this book promotion stuff… until, of course, I put together another book. Or get some of my older publications onto Kindle. Eh, we’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Alright, last time, I swear

  1. Amazon is just winning over everyone with this damn book. It now claims I don’t own a Kindle to read it on, or maybe it’s refusing to sell it to me for my e-ink model (which is a trend I’ve dreaded them trying for a bit). Guess I’ll hit up Gumroad later.

    • Yeah, sorry, that one’s on me. The layout was much too complicated to convert to an e-ink friendly format without a lengthy process I won’t have time for until months from now, if ever, so I had to use a fixed layout format.

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