The deal of the art

I’ve had several people ask over the past few weeks, “When are you going to start selling Retronauts cover art paintings again?” To which my response has been, “Erm… I don’t know?” But now I do know. Now!

Two factors are at work here: (1) I finally have enough art stockpiled to post, and (2) I just realized we’re less than a month away from the holidays. We will be having lots of family visiting over the next couple of months, and I really need to buy a guest bed for them. So, uh, please consider giving my parents and in-laws a place to sleep by visiting the ol’ Esty shop.



(If you’re wondering about how I determine pricing on paintings, it’s based on a complex rubric of “how much time did I spend making this?” and “how likely am I to hang one of these on my own wall?” The higher that second factor rates, the higher I price it… mainly so there’s a chance no one will want to spend that much and I have the excuse to keep it for myself.)

2 thoughts on “The deal of the art

  1. I hate to ask here, but will this mean that you’ll be mailing the “Game of the Fisherman’s Wife” painting I bought last June and didn’t receive? I tried to contact you through Etsy to no avail. Sorry again, and look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes.

    • Sorry, I didn’t receive your Etsy message! We’ve been trying to get the large format printer up and running, which has been especially difficult with all the travel I’ve been doing. (That’s why I’m not offering any prints at the moment.) It should be working again within the week, and I’ll be sending along a bonus as an apology for how long it’s taken. Thanks for bearing with me.

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