The road to 8-bit hell…

…is paved, of course, with Good Nintentions. Which is now available for sale via and probably a bunch of international sites as well.

The full-color version is up now; if $50 seems a bit pricey—it is! but only about $5 of it is profit for me, because a 326-page, full-color, full-bleed, 8×10″ print-on-demand book is kind of an expensive item at its base—the black-and-white version will cost $18 and should be up by the end of the day.

It’s been a surprisingly long and incredibly wearying road to get this thing done; in addition to how long it took to create the new material (especially the complete chronological NES release list with box art, Japanese titles, and brief criticisms of each game), I’ve also made about half a dozen passes for design tweaks, copyright indicia, and a few other small but time-consuming details. I’m incredibly proud of how it’s turned out… aaaaand now I’m ready to be able to invest my free time in other projects.

Anyway, check out the book! It’s prrrrrretty great.

Edit: The page for the B&W version is up — it should be available to buy shortly.

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