Books are cool

And you can be cool, too, by supporting the latest StoryBundle. Yes, I’m part of it (Game Boy World 1989 is a bonus release for contributors who buy in at a certain threshold), but it’s a good cause regardless. There are a bunch of books in there I’ve been meaning to pick up myself, so I can sincerely say that this is a thing you should do.

In other book news, that massive overhaul of GameSpite Quarterly 5 I’ve been working on for the past few months is essentially finished. It needs a proofreading pass and some final image tweaks and it’ll be good to go. I don’t think I’ll be able to have it up for sale by the NES’s 30th anniversary, which is a shame, but it’ll be within the month for sure. It’s turned out quite nicely, I think, and it features a huge amount of new content—it’s somewhere between 40%-50% newly written material by volume.

And I’m currently working on Game Boy World episode #050, which takes us halfway to the first printed volume of Game Boy World 1990. There were 150-odd games released for Game Boy in 1990 versus the 25 releases from 1989, so there’s no way I can cram all of those into a single book and keep it affordable. Instead, I’ll be splitting 1990 into a few volumes released, probably, once a year, which should help spread out the expense. There’s no way anyone would buy an $80 book about a bunch of Game Boy games, most of which no one cares about, so this is the only sane approach. Well, either that or scale back the material in the book and just publish tiny photos and text blurbs, but that would be contrary to the spirit of the venture.

Anyway, StoryBundle! Give it a look, if you’d be so kind.