Huh, so I have a lot of opinions about Dragon Quest XI


Kind of a weird coincidence that USgamer‘s new push for more quick current events commentary happened to fall the same week as the announcement of the next big entry in one of the biggest ongoing franchises in the world.

Wait. Crap! I keep talking about how Hideo Kojima has been steward consistently connected to the intimate details of his game franchise for longer than any other creator — sorry, Shigeru Miyamoto hasn’t personally been designing each Mario game for a very long time — but I keep forgetting about Yuji Horii. I guess Dragon Quest doesn’t tell a single continuous narrative like Metal Gear, but even so. Dude’s got staying power.

Ah, anyway. I had thoughts before the game was announced, and now I have thoughts in the wake of its announcement. Now I will be devoting all my mind power to hypnotizing Square Enix into localizing the game.


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