Any tech/cable experts out there? Advice needed…

Hi. So, I finally have a setup that will allow me to to capture direct feed of NES games from an RGB-capable system. That’s good! The games look beautiful on my LED television, and they capture cleanly on my computer. However: There is one glaring gap in my newfound capture abilities, and that is my inability to properly capture light gun and R.O.B. games.

The lack of R.O.B.s games is no big, since there were a whole two of them, they can be played without R.O.B., and they are kind of terrible. The lack of Zapper games, though… that’s bad. I’ll miss out on being able to capture classics like Duck Hunt and Gumshoe, and that’s not cool at all. I could probably rig a Game Genie code to allow every shot to register as a hit, but that seems crummy and inauthentic.

So, I’m wondering if there’s a way to split my video signal and share it with a standard CRT television. I know it’s possible, but the challenge here would be to do it somewhere in the chain of connections before it hits the upscaler and becomes converted to a digital signal. Here’s a crude diagram of my setup (sorry it’s so rough, all I have on hand at present is a marker, an index card, and a phone camera):


I feel like the optimal strategy would be to plug the Mini-DIN-9 into a passthrough Mini-DIN-9 cable that also splits to composite video. This adapter wouldn’t need sound cables, since the audio connection is a separate RCA feed from the RGB video-out, just a yellow video connector. It seems like it should work, and the reading I’ve done online reveals people with similar setups using a similar approach. But the problem is that I can’t seem to find such an adapter like that for sale anywhere online.

Thus the questions I have are:

1. Would this in fact work, allowing me to capture HD video while simultaneously getting a lag-free signal to a CRT so light guns would function correctly?

2. Is there somewhere I can buy a Mini-DIN-9 passthrough cable that doubles as a splitter for composite video? Or else just a Mini-DIN-9 splitter and a Mini-Din-9-to-composite adapter? Whatever would work.

3. If no such thing exists, is there some sort of online service that creates weird custom cables on demand?

Thanks! I’m basically in over my head. Obviously.

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  1. Hey Jeremy, I think I can help.

    I currently have a setup where I can play on my PVM or Flatscreen while capturing using my Framemeister.

    Heres how the chain goes:

    Console > Scart 1:2 powered splitter/amp > 1 scart goes to the Framemeister while the other goes to a SCART to BNC adapter.

    Instead of using a scart to BNC, you could get a SCART to Component box – like this one

    Finding a SCART amp that just does 1:2 might be harder – I had a friend in the UK get me one off eBay for super cheap – like 5 dollars. Its one of these, but just does 2 outputs instead of 5. But I might get one of these to run to multiple CRTs down the road×5-scart-distribution-amplifier-2-pin-psu.html

    Hope this helps!

    Coury Carlson

  2. Just as Coury mentioned you can split the signal via RGB. You might not need an amp, a custom cable that just splits the signal does the trick for me with Arcade PCBs while capturing and playing. I’ve also tested this in consoles.

    My splitter cable just has a diode in the sync, and that works alright. I am sure the guys that make and sell cables on ebay can supply you with one. Even one with an amplifier if needed.

    One easier solution is for you to use the composite/s-video out of your NESRGB modded console, and feed that into a regular CRT for playing. If RGB is essential and you use a PVM, there is also a possible easy solution.

    Most PVMs have video passthrough via RGB, you can just use a RGB 2 RNC for the PVM and a BNC to RGB21 (male) or mini din directly to the xrgb. The PVM takes care of the video levels.

  3. Have you checked Shmups Forum? My understanding is that there are people there that are pretty knowledgeable about this sort of thing. Other than that, it’s probably a good idea to clarify what type of cables you’re using. From what I’ve read, mixing Japanese JP-21 and Euro SCART is a good way to damage some expensive equipment.

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