The thrill of aggregation

I am off recording more Retronauts episode all day today, so in the meantime can I just explain how much I love it when a long-term project I’m working on starts to accumulate? In this case, I’m talking about video projects.

My This Day in Video Game History series for USgamer is settling into a nice groove and has already hit 10 episodes. We’ve decided not to publish on weekends after all, but that’s still 20-odd episodes per month. Assuming more people start watching it, anyway. The USG channel hasn’t seen much promotion, so not a lot of people are seeing these videos so far. Maybe we can buy some bots or something, whatever it is people do to bootstrap themselves to Internet millionaire status these days.

And Game Boy World 1990 is up to 11 episodes… well, publicly, anyway. I’ve actually been prepping these in bulk in advance of public release, and somewhat out of sequence, so Patreon supporters have already seen the next four episodes of the show, beginning with episode 40. But, even without all current episodes in the list, there’s still more than an hour of material here.

That’s a lot of time to spend staring at Game Boy graphics. Please take a break every 30 minutes to avoid eyestrain and a crushing sense of ennui.

3 thoughts on “The thrill of aggregation

  1. For what it’s worth I’ve been enjoying the videos as they get posted to the USG website (and, more importantly, news feed), but I just have no interest in following a youtube channel (which apparently makes me unusual, but I doubt I’m the only one that feels that way). I love the videos, though.

    Have you considered adding some kind of tag to your USG posts about the videos so we can easily see it’s related to This Day in Video Game History. Eg., the most recent post on the site related to this is titled, “Has an RPG Ever Been More Self-Indulgent Than the SaGa Series?” Neither the title nor description indicates that it’s related to TDiVGH, or that there’s a video included at all. Prepending those posts with something like, “TDiVGH: Has an RPG Ever Been…” or “This Day: Has an…” or something along those lines would help it stand out and, at least, draw my attention better.

    Just a suggestion. I’m hoping this sticks around for a while. :-)

    • Everything is tagged “This Day…” on the site for easy access, but the articles actually get more clickthroughs when the headline is a conversation-starting question or remark than when it’s explicitly labelled as TDIVGH.

      • I saw that they’re tagged as such, but just FYI those tags don’t show up in the feed. Only the title and description.

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