I haven’t forgotten Mega Man

'.inddSpecifically, the Anatomy of Mega Man. The budget paperback edition of The Anatomy of Mega Man Vol. I is now up for purchase on Amazon. And it’s only on Amazon… I’m done with Blurb for selling the low-cost versions of my little vanity press books. Their cheapest shipping option is something $8, which makes no sense for a book that costs $15. Granted, the Amazon version lists at $22, but it has the option of free shipping, so it’s already less expensive overall. And keep your eye on it — Amazon always cuts prices. For example, Game Boy World 1989 is about $18.50 at the time of this writing, having been slashed from its list price of $25.

I’ll be adding other Anatomy books (and maybe a few others) to my Amazon account, though the conversion process will be kind of time-consuming. I wanted to get Mega Man done right away, though, because the affordable paperback version of that particular book has been long overdue.

Not that much of anyone is buying these, but I just like the satisfaction of seeing my work for sale in a real bookstore at long last. Granted, I had to put it there myself, but still. I’ll take what I can get.

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