Someone like me is born every minute

I want to be cynical about it, but man, that Star Wars trailer hit all the right notes. That first shot, the pan across the desert, is so perfectly calculated. “Desert? Again? Ho hum. Oh, look, a crashed X-Wing, that’s inter— ohhhh.”

But I keep reminding myself that the first teaser trailer for Episode I looked amazing, too. It’ll hurt less that way if things go badly with this one. Based on the trailers we’ve seen so far, there’s even odds that half the movie will just consist of a sweaty guy in a stormtrooper suit looking wheezy and slightly nauseated.

That being said, I’m about to go find out if I have access to a viable version of Dark Forces on one of my many gaming devices. Everybody needs to blow up an Ewok, sometimes. And those new chromed Stormtroopers are basically just Dark Troopers…

10 thoughts on “Someone like me is born every minute

  1. Yeah, me too. Those perfectly calculated images and sounds… It’s the nostalgia of my childhood, made new again! I just…can’t…help getting excited!

    Like…it looks like delicious mixed nuts. It sounds like delicious mixed nuts… But is Episode VII going to serve up those delicious mixed nuts I’m craving, or are two green snakes going to jump out of the can at me?

  2. I loved the shot of Vader’s helmet, dessicated and skull-like.

    And then I started wondering, not only who’s got that helmet, but what exactly they did with it after the pyre. It makes sense that it wouldn’t have burned to ash, so did they bury what was left? Unmarked grave seems like the way to go, though just jettisoning it out into space seems a bit more fitting.

  3. Dark Forces is playable on a phone with a DOS emulator, but unfortunately iOS 8.3 breaks the ability to add files to iDOS 2 or Power DOS. This is not a problem on Android, where you have DOSbox Turbo. It’s nice on the Nvidia Shield.

    If you want to play on a console, you’re stuck with the Playstation version, which is like 75% of the fun and resolution of the PC version. It works on the PSP but sadly not on the Vita.

    Of course the GOG version of the PC release runs on anything with a keyboard, if you want to do it the easy way.

    • I don’t know that I ever actually saw a Crystal Skull trailer, to be honest. Anyway… I kinda like Crystal Skull…

  4. As always I find that its the music of Star Wars that has the greatest effect on me. Watching that teaser with the sound off leaves me “ho-hum” but turn up the volume and I get all flustered!

    • John Williams was always that franchise’s greatest asset. Supposedly early test screenings of Star Wars bombed until they added the score, at which point everyone flipped out for it. Once we lose him, Disney’s so screwed.

  5. Thinking the same thing. Still have my original copy of Dark Forces from years ago and just loaded it up in DOS Box.

    Trying not to get my hopes up after seeing this new trailer, but anything’s got to be better than those prequels.

  6. My friend is trying to have the same understated reaction you initially wanted to have.

    He’s like, “Looks like typical J.J. Abrams action.” I haven’t the slightest in what he means, but also won’t allow him to deter my excitement towards what I saw.

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