You like to watch

But don’t worry, I won’t judge. Not when it’s one of my videos you’re watching:

In other weekend project news, Game Boy World 1989 book is now complete and in the hands of Patreon backers. The book will go up for sale on Blurb next week and on Gumroad in May, so please look forward to it. I think it turned out phenomenally well, and I say this as someone with a deep-seated sense of self-loathing who rarely likes anything he does or creates. This book feels… substantial, I guess? Too bad it’s focused so comprehensively on such a niche topic, because I would love for it to reach wider distribution. Such is the corner into which I have painted myself. But then again, a few hundred of you folks are into it and make the whole thing possible with your support, so I can’t complain. You’re awesome, seriously and truly.