That’s the end, then

The end of 1989, I mean.

It does feel like a tiny accomplishment to have put together in-depth retrospectives on an entire year’s worth of a game platform’s worldwide releases. Hardly anyone cares about Game Boy, and hardly anyone cares about game history, but I actually feel pretty good about this project — as if it’s worthwhile, and permanent, not something to be read and promptly forgotten.

4 thoughts on “That’s the end, then

  1. This is my favorite of all your personal projects. Good luck with future years… they get a whole lot bigger in game count than ’89. I really hope you’ll be able to keep it up and get the support you need.

  2. I hope you keep local backups of your stuff ;-) No one knows when you’d have to reupload the videos to the next most wanted platform.

  3. Keep it up, man, your project is a really awesome piece of work. Looking forward to everything that’s coming ^_^

  4. I have been following your various stuff for, I believe, a decade now, way back when it was toastyfrog and you had not yet disavowed Thumbnail Theater. I have always been gratified to find you are still producing stuff. I was a reporter who flipped out and went into PR because I’d like to pay my student loans off before the heat-death of the universe and still be able to freaking eat, and I know how hard it is to find time for the stuff I’m actually passionate about. Please keep up these things. Nobody else is talking about this kind of history.

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