So many permutations

Hi! This is a quick reminder that The GameSpite Media Concern exists. It is a video podcast to which you may subscribe. And if you subscribe, you’ll be able to watch the videos I create a little earlier than usual. I realize that’s not exactly a world-shaking offer, but I figure the dozen or so of you who are super hardcore into Game Boy’s history might care. For instance, if you were to subscribe right now, you would be able to watch the Final Fantasy Legend video that goes up on YouTube tomorrow. Sure, I could publish everything universally all at the same time, but where’s the fun in that?

There’s no benefit to me to having people subscribe to this video podcast, since it’s not ad-subsidized or anything. Mainly, I just want the money I send to Libsyn every month to be justified. And I keep hoping enough people will post a review so that the little comment in the sidebar that says it doesn’t have enough reviews yet for a general rating will go away.

(If for some reason you would like to fund Game Boy World videos, there’s always the Patreon route. Where, incidentally, video links go out a day in advance of them being posted to the podcast. Yes, yes, I know, it’s shameless and terrible of me. But the campaign is almost at the Anatomy of Games video level, and I’d really like the excuse to talk through the entirety of my Final Fantasy VI playthrough, so…)

Anyway, that’s all. Sorry for the shill talk. Now go play Fantasy Life. I say this not as a shill but as someone who’s trying to unlock Origin Island and will need some co-op help once I get there. Chop chop, kids, time’s a-wasting.