It’s like Videodrome, except with my droning voiceover. So… videodrone.

Look, I’m practicing my dad humor, OK? OK. I mean, like, every day of my life.

At the moment, said videodrone comes from the latest “best of the NES” video piece I’ve produced for USgamer. (Yes, Final Fantasy uses Final Fantasy III footage. Still a few bugs in our production process.)

You may have noticed this has become a series, and if you happen to check out the associated USG article for the series you will find it now also doubles as a shopping guide of sorts. I’ve rounded up the least expensive legal means to acquire each of the games on the list, whether that’s in a compilation, on Virtual Console, or just buying the original cartridge. For my next revision, I’ll probably add pricing info as well. Iterative, living documents. What a novel concept.

4 thoughts on “Videodrone

  1. You suggested people play the GBC version of Crystalis.

    What have said people every done to you?

  2. All of your Final Fantasy video is from III, not the original. Not that I wouldn’t recommend III over I any day.

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