Hey Mom, I’m in a Bundle

The latest video games StoryBundle has gone live, and among the books you can pick up as part of this name-your-own-price word buffet you’ll find The Anatomy of Super Mario Bros. Vol. 1. It’s pretty amazing to have been selected to take part in this collection; my project is sitting alongside some genuine heavy-hitters. I mean, I’m in the same tier as Mega Man 2 composer Manami Matsumae and Akira Yamaoka. That’s just mind-blowing.

As always, the mere prospect of promoting myself and encouraging people to spend money on something I’ve created gives me a nauseating cross between intense guilt and a throat-closing panic attack, so… please support all the other really talented authors whose work is on offer here. I won’t take it personally if you don’t hit the $12 bonus threshold at which my book gets bundled into the package.

Video game books! They’re cool, they’re cheap. Support the people who make them.

7 thoughts on “Hey Mom, I’m in a Bundle

  1. Congratulations! While I haven’t read The Anatomy of Super Mario Bros., from the many articles of yours that I have read, I can say that your writing definitely deserves to be in there. So don’t feel shy about promoting yourself!

  2. Even though you might not, I’ll pimp your tier: ZZT is (of the 4 I’ve read so far) the highlight of Boss Fight Books’ catalog, and World 1-2 is a solid album dabbling across genres. I cannot speak to the other two, given that I have only just downloaded them and should probably give them a try before I run my mouth. But that speaks highly of the quality all around, really. (Also: Gamers at Work is a fantastic set of interviews. Worth it for the chapter with Trip Hawkins alone.)

  3. Awesome! I’ve definitely made my contribution. I hope this helps your writing reach a larger audience that might not have been following already.

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