Sometimes the Internet can be pretty great

We’re reaching the end of the second month in which Game Boy World/Anatomy of Games (and Metroidvania, if I ever really get that going) are being buoyed by Patreon, and I can’t thank everyone enough for their support. Game Boy World in particular would probably have died a slow, frustrated death. If nothing else, this video likely would have been the end of it:

While it may not seem like much, that video represents probably 20 hours of research, writing, video capture, recording, editing, sourcing supplemental content, and more. That time investment will obviously decrease for future videos as I slowly learn the tricks and techniques of Adobe Premiere, but the point remains that I sank many hours into creating a video that will be lucky to net 1,000 views over the course of its life. If I made a similarly massive time investment with such meager dividends at work, on the clock, I’d get sacked. And rightly so!

Frankly, it wouldn’t go too well at home, either, except I can point to the fact that a small community of readers and viewers is interested enough in this kind of work to help fund it. In any case, it sure beats bringing in a little extra cash by working at the coffee shop downstairs.

In truth, though, everything that’s come in so far (and then some) has gone right back into the site. My hope for Game Boy World was always to make it as definitive a resource as I could manage. While it still has a little way to go to reach its potential, it’s getting close. I’ve been able to track down several complete, boxed games to photograph. Those clean, medium-resolution images are available in the Gallery section of each game’s page. I’ll probably have to beg and plead and trade body parts to borrow materials from hardcore collectors when it comes to the more insanely expensive rarities like Amazing Tater and Trip World, but I’ll make this as complete a resource as reasonably possible.

I haven’t watermarked the images, because watermarks are for jerks. Game Boy reference images are pretty hard to come by online for all but big-name games, and like I said, I hope to turn this into a resource everyone can use. Ideally with credit, because that’s the polite approach. This is by no means a great or noble effort I’m making here, but it’s important to me personally, and I’m endlessly grateful to everyone who is helping to make it possible. So thanks!

6 thoughts on “Sometimes the Internet can be pretty great

  1. I wonder how many people dream about retronauts getting a full blow website… and seeing you guys chronicle games from all consoles like you’re doing here with game boy world.

    I know I do!

    • That was what I had originally intended for Retronauts, all those years ago. But I think the complications and challenges we’ve faced over this past year have made us realize Retronauts is probably best as just a podcast.

  2. Take some pride in your work! This site, along with Retronauts and 1up/usgamer have always been a joy to check out. Keep up the good work, Mr. Parish.

  3. Have you thought about licensing the images of the game carts/boxes as Creative Commons by Attribution? It doesn’t really stop people from just taking the images and doing whatever they want with them, but it does allow for a bit of information and google should pick up on the licence in the image search, which would help people find images they could use if they happened to be looking for an image of the box of The bugs Bunny Crazy Castle

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