This week in Retronauts, I finally learn what the heck a Tastykake is

It’s been a busy week here in these parts. Currently I’m crowded into a tiny hotel room with Bob and Ray outside Philadelphia, prepping for our third and final (for now) Retronauts live panel tonight at Too Many Games. I also went to an all-day press event a few days ago. In Raleigh! I had no idea such a thing could ever happen.

Despite all of this, I’ve been working diligently at, you know, work. I must have been feeling in the mood for some soul-searching this week, because I’ve published two different pieces that explore the intersection of games with my personal life, including a somewhat difficult editorial dealing with Tomodachi Life. Sorry, it’s slightly heavy. Here’s a more lighthearted thing about Mega Man 2 instead.

It also has a video component, so you don’t even have to read.

And for those of you who are all, “Shut up, I don’t care about your stupid human emotions,” you can just learn about Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker instead. Just kidding, that game involves emotions, too. It involves sheer joy.

Finally, the Patreon I kicked off a few days ago has done really well — it crossed over to become funded pretty quickly, then hit the goal, then the Anatomy of Games video threshold, and even the retroactive Anatomy videos mark. That’s pretty rad. I doubt it’ll hit the final goal, but I’m well beyond where I hoped to be. And now I have the excuse to make a bunch of videos and play a bunch of games. Thanks to everyone who has elected to support my side projects!

4 thoughts on “This week in Retronauts, I finally learn what the heck a Tastykake is

  1. Tastykake is just what they call Dolly Madison in Pennsylvania, as far as I can tell. For all the waxing rhapsodic, I thought it would be better than the crappy prepackaged fluff I ate in middle school instead of food.

    Thanks for the Tomodachi Life article. I know you try to keep your personal deets out of your work these days, but I find them very touching and relatable.

  2. Loved the Tomodachi article. My wife and I are both in our early / mid 30’s and have debated kids for a while. Unfortunately, she has a genetic disease that makes having kids of our own a dangerous prospect for both her and the baby. We’ve thought about adoption, but it’s incredibly expensive and we live in the Baltimore / DC area where mortgages aren’t the cheapest. All of that to say, your article definitely hits home and you’re not alone in feeling conflicted. If you don’t end up having children you can always be the cool uncle that spoils the crap out of your nieces/nephews. My two nieces are crazy excited to come over and play Minecraft on PS4 this summer. Life is complicated, but you and your wife are lucky to have each other.

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