An exposition of electronic entertainment

We survived the first day of E3, and that’s nice. Now for the, uh, actual show.

If you’re not following USgamer’s coverage of E3, may I recommend you do? Totally sweet and awesome previews, like this piece I wrote about the totally sweet and awesome Alien: Isolation, will be filling the site soon. In the meantime, we’ve been watching the news and trying to make sense of it, sometimes critically, sometimes positively, sometimes with differences of opinion. I hope you find it different from the usual E3 schtick… and that you also find it enjoyable.

And now, I’m off to caffeinate before facing the true terror of Nintendo’s fully armed and operational announcement stream.

2 thoughts on “An exposition of electronic entertainment

  1. Maybe I’m the only one, but I would love for someone to give a sort of Retronauts approach to reporting on E3. Just a few people going over what they saw as gamers (or more specifically, retro gamers with the experience to call bs on the hype) and talking about their excitement (or lack of) at the offerings on the show floor. I’ve been to the show a few times in the mid-2000’s and honestly, it is losing it’s excitement for me year after year. This is compounded by the fact that so much of the info is online almost immediately, negating the need for taking a trip to LA. Well, at least for those of us who are too old and jaded to need a controller in hand right this moment. Sorry, that turned into a rant…

    But maybe that kind of coverage isn’t what the mainstream wants?

    • Sorry, I jumped the gun there. I just read the Vita article and that is a nice piece of what I want to read. :) Keep up the good work.

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