Transistance is futile

Supergiant’s Transistor turned out to be a gorgeous, engrossing game. I liked Bastion well enough, but Transistor (with its extremely tactical and often extremely challenging turn-based/action RPG hybrid mechanics) turned out to be much more my speed. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.


I’ve also been playing Wolfenstein: The New Order, which couldn’t be more different than Transistor in terms of tone and style. It’s good, too, though. A delightfully regressive take on the FPS, with some big areas you can wander around in, health regeneration that only rounds up to the nearest 20% of of your max health, and the ridiculous ability to dual-wield just about every weapon in the game. I give that one a more subdued recommendation, because it’s super violent and gory, but the setting is really well thought-out and it taps into something great about ’90s shooters, something that was lost in the wake of Half-Life 2.

Also, because for some reason the video isn’t show up correctly in the previous post, I’m embedding the Game Boy World Shanghai video again.

Speaking of which…. aside from adding more thumbnails to the main page gallery, I probably won’t be posting much to Game Boy World until after E3, unfortunately. I’m currently most concerned about fulfilling Retronauts Kickstarter obligations and my Talking Time fundraiser commitments, so fun side projects will have to wait until those things are cleared off the table. And when I’m done, I will never, ever do another fundraiser campaign again.

In the meantime, you can enjoy one of the fruits of last year’s Kickstarter while you seethe in anger that you don’t have your most coveted bonus doodad yet right now.


One thought on “Transistance is futile

  1. Hey, so I’m probably way off base with this, but if you’re never going to do another fundraiser thing, and with the evolution of USGamer, am I right in thinking that Retronauts will move to USGamer (or something with a different name to avoid some sort of infringement)?

    Sorry to be off topic. Transistor is the cat’s pajamas

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