Videos ahoy

Videos are the new chips, my friends. Betcha bite a video.

My totally sweet and cool USgamer video project for the week is a list of— no, wait, come back! It’s a useful list: 10 PSP games that play better on PlayStation Vita than on PSP. I didn’t even whine about glaring omissions like Mega Man: Powered Up and Crisis Core. Keep this list close to your heart. It represents many hours of funtimes.

And then, on the vastly-less-relevant-to-modern-humankind front, there’s Shanghai for Game Boy World.

With an accompanying article, of course.

Incidentally, I’ve created a YouTube playlist for Game Boy World, so if you ever want to marathon these videos, you can just use the playlist. I’m also trying to figure out how to turn the series into a video podcast for iTunes, a task that surely can’t be as daunting as it seems… can it?

One thought on “Videos ahoy

  1. If you manage to post the videos into a video podcast then you’ll have at least one loyal subscriber. I’ve been enjoying them, but having to be online to watch them sucks. They would be the perfect companion for my subway rides!

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