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Eh, so I finally sucked it up and got the rest of the Anatomy of Games books into compact black and white format. Each one is priced at $12.50, which brings them in line with my original philosophy (from, gasp, five years ago) of making sure every book published in relationship to this site is available in some version that costs less than $13.

So altogether, the mini volumes available are:

Yeah, someday I’ll do second volumes for some of those other series. Someday…

Now… I need to find a layout for this site I don’t hate. I’m still looking. It’s a sad search.

5 thoughts on “Tiny publications

  1. I think the current layout looks good, but after years of the old one–or similar single-column ones with light backgrounds–what a shock. The main page’s text density is a little painful on my eyes.

    • Actually, I like the new layout. The one I was commenting on in this post was a really crummy, dull-looking design. This is dense, but I kind of like it.

      • I just checked it out on my work machine and I’m not finding it nearly as hard to read. The two changed variables that might affect that are being on a Retina screen and not using f.lux. Still a little difficult–the narrow columns make it easy for my eyes to jump over into other articles, so I’ll just use the main page for navigation and go to individual article pages for content. Ignoring my usability issues, I do like how it looks.

      • I’m seeing unknown unicode boxes on either side of the comment links at the bottom of articles on the main page now – buuuuut my browser here is probably way out of date (Firefox 19.0?) so you can probably ignore me. (Especially since we should really all be updating our browsers for the latest awful SSL bug anyway…)

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