Journey into capitalism

I announced this yesterday on Anatomy of Games, but no one reads that site unless I specifically post an article about a game they love, so… here’s the cross-post.


The Anatomy of Metroid, Vol. II: Super Metroid is live on the GameSpite Blurb store. Here’s the page for it. You can get it in all your favorite formats:

Yes, I still need to make pocket editions of Super Mario and Metroid, Vol. I. I know.

On the plus side, the coupon code TAKE15% is worth a 15% discount on Blurb purchases through the end of April.

The PDF version is also up on the GameSpite Gumroad Store. While I was over on Gumroad, I finally added cover images for all the books on that storefront, so you have pretty images to look at while browsing. I also took a page from Scroll and threw together four different PDF packages of the various offerings up there:

These collections represent a huge discount, especially the first two collections. If you hate a la carte ordering, well, here you go.

And that is quite enough capitalism for now, thank you very much.