Miscellanea for the evening

First, yesterday’s post was about buying games outside your comfort zone, per the request, but I realized after reading the comments thread that I took it too literally. Services like Steam (with its extreme sales), PlayStation Plus (with new free games – often very good games! – on a monthly basis), and Humble Bundles greatly reduce the barriers to entry and risks of diversifying your tastes and expanding horizons. I apologize for being so archaic.

Two, a new Anatomy of a Game project launched today: The Goonies and The Goonies II. Next week is Game Developers Conference, so personal web updates will be pretty sparse, but once I get back I’ll definitely knuckle down and explore the bizarre world beneath the Goondocks. Also, the first forum Anatomy has begun – a look at EarthBound by SilentSnake.

Finally, I reviewed Yoshi’s New Island yesterday. Today, I published a counterpoint to my own review. The second piece actually started as a blog post here on 2-Dimensions (hence the emphasis on 2D game design and its prospects) but it became large enough and… legit enough, I guess?… that I decided to relocate it and run it as a USgamer editorial. Be thrilled.

Anyway, it’s Friday night, so that means… I need to write a couple of columns for RETRO magazine. Meh, free time.

2 thoughts on “Miscellanea for the evening

  1. Would not say your being archaic. There are people were even steam sales or PSN Plus, can stretch their budget, so they want to only get games they know 99% they will end up liking.

    My personal budget for fluff stuff like games is $50 or less a month. And for me personally I am willing to wait six months to a year and get games for cheaper. Just makes sense.

    And to the companies that complain about sales, be happy your getting $5-$20 off me, if I had to pay full price odds are you would get $0. I would only get one game a month instead of 3 or 4.

    I am personally a PC games mainly these days. Still rocking sandy bridge cpu from several years ago, and upgrade my gpu about every year and half with a new one for around $75-$150, when performance more or less doubles.

    Even going thru alot of my old PS1 and PS2 games I got, ripping iso of them and playing them on emulators. Just simple things like having one memory card per game helps. Well that and cranking the resolution up to 720p on my display with tons of other bells and whistles. You would be surprised how much nicer games like megaman legends looks. Even Wii games look tons better.

  2. I’d be interested to know how games can still surprise people with the endless information now available on the internet.

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