I call it “Crassmas”

Hey folks, Blurb has a pretty ridiculous sale happening through December 30. Spend $75 or more and the code APPRECIATION40 will net you 40% off. It works for US addresses just fine, and it’s not limited to authors only. So while it feels crass to talk about buying stuff on Christmas Day, I would be remiss in not mentioning that this is pretty much the best prices will ever be on GameSpite books.

Um, also, Merry Christmas. This has been my first Christmas as a proper part of a new, extended family — my first Christmas that’s really felt like Christmas in a long time. I’ve missed seasonal togetherness living on the West Coast in isolation from my family for the past decade. It’s kind of nice to be part of something larger, although I do miss my own family. But you don’t come here to read about things like human emotion, so here’s a dumb old cartoon from the archives:

Originally posted July 2005

One thought on “I call it “Crassmas”

  1. Still better than the crazy mix of Star Wars cameos and generic “guest” anime girls drawn by artists you’ve never heard of in Soul Caliber IV. Link was, of course, the best bonus character. That Cane of Samaria was a real help in beating some of the later Weapon Master fights.

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