Save money, get bookses

Hey kids, it’s “Black Friday,” which means the Internet desperately wants you to spend money. That includes Blurb, the frustratingly overpriced venue through which I sell my fancy self-made books about video games (back when I started doing this, five years ago, their prices were far more reasonable). Most of the sales appear to be for people who make books, but I think this one is for people who just want to buy them. Try entering the code BETTER25 for a 25% discount and free domestic ground shipping on the purchase of two or more books. If, you know, you want to. I’m not twisting your arm or anything. Anyway, the bookstore is thataway, and these coupons are active until Monday night.

One thought on “Save money, get bookses

  1. Since I’ve been meaning to order anatomy of Zelda & Castlevania for some time now, this is too sweet a deal to pass up. I just placed my order! The discount calculated was closer to 38% but they still charged shipping. So whatever, great deal for great books!

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