In case you missed it…

…we posted the fourth episode of Retronauts this week. I hosted it! Scott Sharkey guest-hosted! It was pretty great. Which is funny, because when we recorded it all I could think was how terrible a job I’d done with it. Evidently not, though.

Retronauts 4 cover

If you haven’t done so yet, you really should subscribe to the show on iTunes. The more subscribers we get, the longer we rule the rankings. Inexplicably, the show has been in the “New & Notable” section of iTunes’ main page for weeks now and our download numbers are actually exceeding what they did on 1UP. There’s no prize for any of this, and we haven’t figured out how to earn money on anything we do (alas); it’s just nice to see some vindication after years of reading constant complaints about how much people hated the show and everyone involved in it.

There was also audio of a live panel posted last week, so give that a whirl too, if you haven’t yet.

7 thoughts on “In case you missed it…

  1. I’ve missed Sharkey being on the show. He’s a nice counterbalance to how genial the rest of you guys are.

  2. I’m saddened to hear that you took so much abuse in the early days of Retronauts. This is gaming, of course — not exactly the most genial of online hobby communities (to somehow say less than the least) — but Retronauts always struck me as something that would either be ignored or embraced, but rarely hated. Given the vein of entitlement and aggression that runs through the online gaming community, I shouldn’t be surprised, but somehow am.

    Anyway, glad to see that vindication coming. These episodes have been generally *better* than the already good 1UP show, and the regular schedule and clarity of purpose have been a great part of that.

  3. Yes, always more Sharkey. Like the other commenter said, he provides a nice change of pace from the other hosts.

  4. Have finally caught up on the new season now that it’s on iTunes – absolutely amazing to have everyone back for my favourite gaming podcast! Will be looking forward to hearing from Sharkey, he never ceases to amuse!

  5. hey! finally caught up with the new retronauts. the warioland episode was awesome! none of you can call yourself a true WL2 fanatic without saying something about the SICK NASTY ultra-precisely programmed secret final stage!!
    talk about METROID meets wario, it looks like he’s in a twisted version of norfair!

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