Here comes words

I just realized I haven’t done one of my “Hey you should be reading this other stuff I did” posts lately. Well then.

This week’s Retronauts episode consists of audio from the panel we hosted at Seattle Retro Gaming Expo last month. I didn’t really expect people to like this, because it’s just a bunch of anecdotes and personal memories, but surprisingly a ton of people have come forward to express their enjoyment of it. Further proof that I have no idea what other people enjoy.

I spoke with one of the producers on Call of Duty: Ghosts about the addition of female characters and dogs to the roster. Not surprisingly, there’s already an angry comment that we would have the audacity to write about the addition of female characters.

A slightly meandering piece on Metal Gear Solid V and how giving up its own heritage is actually part of Metal Gear‘s heritage. If that makes any sense.

SteamWorld Dig is really cool. You should play it.

Speaking of SteamWorld Dig, I’ve made my first foray onto the new Talking Time server by recreating the old metroidvania page as a proper It still has a long way to go, but I’ve been meaning to do this for years. Now that I have a handle on the new host’s CMS, I intend to relocate Talking Time itself to the forums. And it’ll be getting its own URL: Bookmark that page for the future! And… expect some service outages this weekend.

One thought on “Here comes words

  1. Really enjoyed that MGSV piece. I’m not sure I even have much interest in actually playing the game itself, though. MGS4 went out of its way to tie up all the loose ends, and it felt like a fitting conclusion to the series, for me personally anyhow.

    I’m really enjoying all of US Gamer, actually. It’s quickly carving out its own little niche in games journalism – and it is a niche worth reading, that’s for sure. How long has it been live now? I’d be curious to see if it’s met everyone’s expectations, as far as traffic and support goes. Here’s hoping it exceeds them.

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