Just a podcast. Get out of here!

In case you missed it, this week the Retronauts podcast talked about Ninja Gaiden. Conveniently, I had just picked up the Retro Game Master DVD set and finished watching through it (the set culminating in Ninja Gaiden II) just a few days prior to the recording. Handy timing!

Retronauts 3 cover art

Not to toot my own horn, but we need to do up a poster of these covers when this is all over.

retronauts-coverart-01  Retronauts Pocket 1 cover art Retronauts 2 cover art  Retronauts Pocket 2

4 thoughts on “Just a podcast. Get out of here!

  1. For real. I get just as excited for the new art each week as I do for the show, and I seriously love the show.

  2. Over? I don’t want to think of it being over. Maybe if you do another fundraiser, you can offer the poster. I’d totally get that.

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