That went surprisingly well

I guess we did reach the James Franco tier. How about that.

The Talking Time fundraiser ended up at $10,600 and change, which surprises me. In a good way! I’m impressed by how much you guys want to keep the forums alive. And so they shall live on. It takes a little while for Indiegogo to disburse funds (up to two weeks), but once I have them we’ll be moving to the new web host, where (hopefully) everything will be awesome and this increasingly fragile server will no longer be an issue. When the move happens, the following features will come with it:

  • On-site image hosting for the forums (and wiki);
  • A public wiki;
  • No more animated James Franco GIFs… and also, no private message storage limits;
  • Limit on images per post raised to 100, if possible;
  • A new site design (this may take a while); and
  • 146 reader-mandated blog posts.

I’m on the hook for a lot more than I expected. Isn’t that the way it always goes with fundraisers, though? It’s feast or famine. Or more properly, famine or flood.

But anyway, thanks to everyone for pulling together and keeping Talking Time alive. I, for one, am glad I don’t have to scale back the site to “free web host” size. Expect blog post topic solicitation emails soon.

5 thoughts on “That went surprisingly well

  1. Should those of us getting t-shirts also be telling you size info, or will you be asking for that later, sending out all the physical rewards at once? (And I guess we can’t know how the sizes run until you pick a shirt printer, huh.)

    Anyway, now to think of a good blog topic. Hmmm… so many decisions.

    • Later. I’m going to mail out the material goods all at once, which means I need to create more than 150 blog posts, turn them into a book, and have it printed. If you want to tell me your shirt size now I can certainly file it away for later.

    • Perhaps you should inquire with a reply to the email that you received this morning?

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