Changes afoot

I registered a new domain name today. This site has been in flux between ToastyFrog, GameSpite, and Telebunny, and honestly even I don’t know what to call it. I referred to it as GameSpite today, even though it kind of isn’t going by that name anymore since there are some weird issues with the domain ownership. I’m hoping to get that ironed out once the Talking Time fundraiser comes to an end next week and this whole venture relocates to a better server.

But in any case, the site needs a name that better describes what it’s about. ToastyFrog was a cartoon mascot that I stopped using about a decade ago; GameSpite was meant to be a web comic about the video game press that I never had time to write; and Telebunny is a video game concept I’ve never had time to make. None of these names, however, are particularly descriptive or accurate.

Hopefully the new name will better reflect the nature of the site. With luck, it’ll help me focus the content a little more, too. I’ve been mulling this over for quite a while, and things like the announcement of Strider HD have gotten me to thinking about long ago times and renewed purpose and so forth. Well, I suppose we’ll see.

16 thoughts on “Changes afoot

  1. Given your anatomy of game segments would it be too pretentious to think of a pun about Da Vinci. DaVidioGames? The Vitruvian Jump Man. Maybe just something sciency Forensic Games. These are all terrible nevermind.

  2. I’m gonna miss the name Telebunny. Not that I have any attachment to it, just it is a righteous name for sure.

  3. May I suggest that, since this blog is essentially you writing about whatever you feel like, you are charting your own path and its rather adventurous for us to participate, you name it after that iconic line in Zelda: “It’s dangerous to go out alone, take this” Maybe or, etc. . .

  4. Actually, given that most people who know good writing know who Jeremy Parish is, wouldn’t be off the mark, though I know the man in question may be too humble to enjoy his own name in the domain.

    • I’ve owned that URL for years just to lock it down, but I can’t bring myself to use it. Seems too egocentric.

  5. I always liked the name GameSpite (verbal spew!), but then, your writing hasn’t been all that spiteful in some time…

    I guess choosing a name that reflects the actual content is good time to actually define that content. After all, it’s become something of a random/personal blog – TV, games, whatever. Since you’re no longer doing the Gamespite books, it’s just… a blog (not really complaining, mind you). I guess what I’m trying to say is that, because of this, it no longer matters what you call it. Call it whatever you want! Accurate reflection be damned.

    Still, spiteful or not, Gamespite is a catchy name.

  6. It shall be known as “Jeremy’s Parish: A Congression for Introspection.”

    Or, like, “The Missing Genome”–something that suggests “mapping out” the “anatomy” of games in a way that highlights how they’ve become part of our DNA. You know–filling out the holes of ignorance by showing where and how games have served in the formation of the 80s-child psyche, be the effect subliminal or whatever.

    Somethin’ like that.

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