From somewhere, a transmission….

Yeah, Retronauts has finally re-launched. We have three more episodes in the bag already, with another two being recorded this coming weekend, so I think it’s safe to say you can count on new episodes every danged Monday morning for the next year.

Our first new episode deals with Japanese console launches in the summer of 1983, because I lack original ideas believe in polymorphic content.


The secret best part of this new podcast is that it’s given me an excuse to break open my copy of Illustrator and goof around with vector art again.

Anyway, please have a listen, and subscribe, and yadda yadda yadda. Thanks for your baffling but very much appreciated interest and support! If nothing else, I think we deserve credit for not making a single clichéd Altered Beast reference as the podcast rose from its grave.

3 thoughts on “From somewhere, a transmission….

  1. Just wanted to say, that is a REALLY nice logo. It says everything it needs to say about the podcast… it’s very retro and, uh, nautic.

    Thanks for having my awkward, rambling ass on an earlier edition of the show, by the way.

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