This week’s roundup

Hey everyone, it’s more links to stuff I’ve been writing at USgamer. I guess if you read this site, you’re probably also browsing USgamer. But just in case….

  • Nintendo Gets Into the Game: I’ve written NES retrospectives before, but never one on the Famicom alone, and certainly never from this angle. It was interesting to approach a familiar subject with a new perspective.
  • Call of Duty’s House Divided: On the other hand, I don’t actually know that I’ve ever written about Call of Duty, but I think that makes this piece kind of unique, too. I’d like to think I approached this interview from a different direction than the usual folks Mark Rubin talks to.
  • New Super Luigi U: I wasn’t super crazy about this game/expansion. It’s challenging, but I do feel like a lot of the difficulty comes from wrestling with the controls. I’m more a fan of games that cooperate with you on the interface level so that when you lose it feels like a fair, deserved loss. If that makes sense.
  • The World Ends With You – The Death March: A review of what turns out to be an exceedingly rare CD. Pity about the limited release; it’s my favorite thing that has to do with The World Ends With You since the original game.
  • Looking Back at Sega’s Home Debut: Because someone needs to write about the SG-1000, dammit.
  • Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze interview: I’ve been really happy with my interviews over the past, I don’t know, nine or 10 months, I guess? Since around TGS last year. I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but at some point last fall I decided to stop bringing notes and a notebook to interviews and started simply talking to developers. (Perhaps not coincidentally, it was also around the time I started doing the Anatomy of a Game series and became more interested in talking about the thinking behind game design.) I feel like this has resulted in deeper interviews that at the same time are more casual and conversational as well. I don’t know if other people agree of if anyone else is enjoying these as much as I have been, but until someone tells me to stop I’ll just keep winging my interviews and hoping for the best.
  • Etrian Odyssey Untold: I’m really fascinated by the way this “remake” effectively encompasses two game experiences at once. Also, the demo (Japan-only so far, alas) was really fun.

3 thoughts on “This week’s roundup

  1. I’m really enjoying USGamer and am glad your a part of the site. I am really getting the personal touch in the articles that 1up use to have which was why I still enjoyed the site even when I knew things were in turmoil behind the scenes. I realize you are about to start up the Retronauts podcast but is there any plans for podcasts from the USGamer crew?

  2. I’ve only had time to read the Etrian remake preview but I really enjoyed it. Your and the site’s style of previews bring to mind reading Nintendo Power previews years ago. I’m not sure if the content is in the same style, but the excitement is just as strong – which is rare in previews for me for a long time now. Thanks.

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