The Anatomy of Zelda: Now compact and cheap

How unfortunate that the subject line of this post leaves so much open to misinterpretation. Alas.

The Anatomy of Zelda Mini Cover.inddAnyway, it’s a little late, but The Anatomy of Zelda Vol. I now has a tiny B&W paperback counterpart for those who (understandably) dig the content but don’t want to shell out $40-60 for the large format. In its miniature paperback form, it’s a mere $13. That’s a dollar more than the Castlevania book was, but that’s because the latest book is denser in text and thus about 30 pages longer than the previous volume (even though the large format books are smaller — look, it’s science, I don’t pretend to understand this stuff).

As noted before, the coupon code CROWNED15 should net you a modest discount on this.

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