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  1. Coming from the rpgamer forum, I always thought it was just the coolest thing you ended up working in the industry. Not that we’ve ever been friends, close or otherwise (if memory serves I was a bit of a twat at thirteen years old posting under Spoony, in point of fact), but even so, there was a certain weird pride I took, knowing it wasn’t just an abstarct concept, that true blue gamers could in fact make it to the promised land, as it were. Of course I realize it’s a job like any other, and a press job is apparently an especially turbulent one, but still. Chin up, J. Parish, you’ve got at least one guy who’ll keep reading.

  2. What a shame. Just as 1up was establishing a new voice for itself.

    Look, I know you still have a job at IGN, but take this unasked for advice from an Internet stranger:

    Start your own band.

    As long as you work for someone else stuff like this can happen out of your control. The site gets sold, and the money people kill the good part of the site, because they don’t care. If there were a site like 1UP or EGM and were owned by someone who cares, however…

    I just read an article about the finances of Marco Arment’s The Magazine for iOS. The Magazine pays writers $800 per article. It takes in about $35,000 a month in subscriptions and pays out about $20,000. The Magazine is never going to be sold to some company that will dismantle it, because it is owned by Marco and written for Marco.

    All of which is easier said than done, but if anyone could start his own band and make it work, it’s T-Frog.

  3. I’m… Absolutely gutted mate :( I was really excited about the new direction that you were taking 1UP — giving it the poise and insight generally reserved for some of the better print publications, with some amazing content and great interviews with the developers.

    Will be keeping a close ear on what happens from here – where you go, we will follow.

  4. Been following 1up for a long time – sometimes just out of habit, especially the past few years. It was sputtering along at times, so it’s really a testament to your small team’s abilities to keep it afloat this long. Considering all the setbacks, I think 1UP finished off as well as it could, and that’s something to be proud of.

    Just curious, but what is your editorial capacity over at IGN? Please tell me they have you spearheading a new retro section of the site (ah, remember the “Classics” page on 1up? That was my favorite).

    Please continue to post links to your new articles, reviews, etc. here and/or on Twitter, because I have no intention to visit IGN otherwise.

  5. I’m terribly sorry to see this, even if readers here have always had the privilege of reading your writing here regardless, since the ToastyFrog 2D days.

    I hope that you keep in mind that bit you wrote on 1UP’s main page, about not kicking yourself for being at the head during the final days. Even with corporate things stacked against it, I think that 1UP will be remembered as having been particularly impressive during its last stand. How sad that the best shape the site has ever seen—in terms of intelligent articles that far eclipse the usual PR retreads of most games writing—is also its last. You’ve truly overseen the site’s last, best age.

  6. This is horrible. 1up was the only “big” site that had articles and news NOT catered almost exclusively to the dudebro crowd. It will be missed.
    I don’t know how you will stand Parish in all of this, but hopefully you’ll get to stay at IGN and you’ll be able to continue writing all those great articles.

  7. I loved the new 1up. I loved the old 1up. It will be missed. There was lots of great content, but yours in particular always shone. Thank you so much!

  8. I was saddened today when I read that 1up was being closed. I had always been a fan of the site, particularly the Retronauts podcast and blog. Over the past year the site had come to be my favorite gaming website with the transition to the cover story format. The weekly themed articles were a great take on our hobby and a nice change of pace from the typical news/previews/reviews format of most other gaming websites. Everyone at the site should take pride in the fact that their work was excellent and I believe that those hardworking and talented editors that didn’t transition to IGN (Jose and Bob) will land on their feet. They certainly deserve to.

    I look forward to reading more of your work both here and on IGN, Jeremy. Thanks for all that you do for our pastime. I certainly would not have enjoyed this hobby as much if it wasn’t for the websites and podcasts that you started. I’ve got every episode if Retronauts on my iPhone (and they’re not going anywhere!).

  9. So, I think I got into 1UP.com BECAUSE I read Jeremy’s writings on his blogs (probably fell down here from HG101 or something). I always liked how you guys handled the writing, the staff was usually on point. The recent weekly-themed articles, focusing on gaming history, context, and actual news coverage? Absolutely genius! Retronauts and Gammes Dammit! got me hooked into the act of listening to podcasts at work.

    It was heartbreaking for me to see the news of this end and I can’t fathom what this is being to you guys. I just want to say, whatever the value this has, that I’ll still be here on support, lurking and following you guys (Bob, Jose, you know, the troupe), to see what kind of work you bring to the forefront next. And Thank you so very much for all the hardwork up to today.

    From a big brazillian fan. Good luck mate!

  10. This is a tragedy as far as I’m concerned. 1UP was my one go-to mainstream site for features and articles. I loved the direction you were taking the site, and felt that you and your fellow 1UP’ers were doing the gaming community an incredible service in tackling controversial topics and writing well-thought and engaging articles. The Internet has lost one of its best gaming sites, one that absolutely deserved to live.

    It may not matter to Ziff-Davis, but it did to me and to many others, if the news I’ve seen all over the ‘Net is any indication. Kudos for all the great work, Jeremy, and I hope you can do amazing things at IGN. I also wish speedy employment for your cohorts. They deserved far better than a pink slip.

  11. Man 1up was the first website I opened up on my first iPhone. It feels weird that after so many years of reading from this website and enjoying all the awesomeness you guys have written will end. I will still keep the 1up logo on my phone for as long as I can, along side the Gamespite one and the new Telebunny one.

  12. JP, I’ve always been a fan of your writing, and I have to say that your dedication to both editorial integrity and going beyond headlines was instrumental in keeping 1up going as long as it did.

    You may not remember me, but I’ve been reading your stuff ever since Toastyfrog’s early days, and what has always impressed me was that you never “sold out” in any meaningful way. You always gave honest commentary and told it like it was, all without becoming so cynical that you couldn’t express pure joy at the fun this hobby is supposed to represent.

    Your critics often call you pretentious, but I’d say that you’ve been aspirational in the very best of ways — always striving to be better, and pushing others to be smarter about the way games are made and played as well.

    Whether you wind up staying at IGN or elsewhere, don’t ever stop being so awesome.

  13. No! Shutting down 1UP really hurts, I won’t forgive IGN for that. 1UP was a site where content and opinion really mattered – I especially liked the cover storys.

    IGN on the other hand is good at being big, loud and often dumb, trying to generate traffic by all means necessary at the cost of journalistic integrity.

  14. I wish I could erase that previous (gut reaction) comment, because obviously it is not IGN’s direct fault, but Ziff-Davis’.
    Still IGN is not a valid substitute for 1UP – making a News-Video out of every little pseudo-information is simply too much for me to bear.

  15. It breaks my heart to see 1up.com shuffle off this mortal coil. For several years now, I have started my week looking forward to the fantastic articles and excellent writing of the staff to help me through the drudgery of a 9-to-5. It was thanks to the musings and hard work of the Retronauts Crew that I came to love the world of podcasts.

    As this transition comes on full speed, take heart in knowing that your fans are still here with you, praying for the entire 1up Team and looking forward to your work, wherever it may be found.

  16. Very sad day, indeed. Apart from Gamespite/Telebunny/ToastyFrog, 1UP was the only video game site I read with any kind of regularity. A lot of good people put it in a lot of good work there and helped to elevate it to a different level. It will be missed.

    The song I listen to whenever I’ve gotten laid off has been this one. I always find it nicely cathartic. Maybe you will too.

  17. Ugh. Words can’t express my disappointment, but obviously it can’t be anywhere near what you are going through. A sincere thanks for the last ten years of work, and all the best in your future endeavors, at IGN or wherever else life may take you.

  18. So sorry to hear this Jeremy. I’ve been reading your work for 10+ years. (Maybe longer, since I was a daily visitor to thegia during its brief life.) Please link to new content from time to time, so I know where to start going regularly…

  19. Dammit Parish — and you were the shining beacon in American gaming journalism — been following your career with interest since thegia and old school Toasty Frog days. Hope you land on your feet buddy

  20. That’s really bad, bad news… It´s a pity to see 1up go. I´ve been following the site since the beginning and really, really liked the new format – I don´t really need all these reviews, previews and newsbits anymore, the features on 1up were just the thing for me. And the perfect material for English-tests and discussions in my Game-Design-class :)
    One question; are there any plans to archive the articles and the features? It´d be a real pity, if they weren´t accessible anymore.

  21. I would pay a subscription fee for a website owned by you Jeremy. Carl’s comment near the top gives you that advice. If the content was just like 1ups, could keep wonderful podcast full of history, interviews and will informed editorials, I would pay monthly to read a site just like 1up.

  22. Really bummed to hear about this Jeremy. First GamePro, now 1UP…both when each was really finding its voice. I look forward to reading your work via IGN.

  23. I discovered 1UP in 2008 after I got my Sega Saturn and listened to the classic Retronauts episode covering it. I’ve been obsessively reading the site and listening to the podcasts (Retronauts, at1UP and Active Time Babble mostly) since then, and I am very sad to see it go. My best wishes to everyone that has contributed to 1UP. It’s been a fun ride.

  24. Oh no. I’m so sorry to hear about this, Jeremy. I’m glad you’re landing on your feet, but sad to hear about Jose and Bob. Do they have something else lined up? I hope so.

    Good luck, man. I know you’ll do a great job with IGN.

  25. Sorry to hear about 1up. I appreciate that you used the time you had to push for unique articles, and not just pump out reviews for tons of games that are available at dozens of other sites. It is amazing you guys kept it up with such a reduced staff. Good luck. When you are sure you have your footing, you need to make your own game, no matter what the scope. (possibly retro in the Megaman 9 style). Your Anatomy series really shows that you know whats up.

  26. Gah, I tried to leave a comment earlier saying how bummed I am that my favorite gaming site got axed. I hope they find a way to let your creativity shine over at IGN. I’ll miss your cover stories.

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